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You Are the Hero in Your Story

You are the hero in your story.

You are Superman. You are Wonder Woman.

You can be as great as Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Keala Kennedy, Patrick Mahomes, Steph Curry, Cooper Kupp, Morgan Sliff, Parker Browning. Believe in yourself and know there are others who believe in you even more.

Have belief, have hope, and know that even the best watermen and women have had tough times. Push through the tough times, and trust the best version of yourself is in you every day.

When it gets hard, get to the water, rinse the hard parts of life off, and remember that life is amazing. People want you in their life, and you can encourage others to get to the water when their life gets hard, too! Tomorrow with you in it matters.

Every great story, great person, great movie, the main character in the story goes through difficult times, and then they come out better on the other side.

You are the hero in your story. Get through the tough times, life will get better, even when it seems like it won’t. Have hope that your story can get through a tough time.

Share this with a friend who needs to hear it, everyone has a life worth celebrating.

Get on the water.

- Your Friends at H2O Lyfe

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